adnym atelier halo x chip black silhouette


Founded by individuals of different personalities and nationalities who focuses on teamwork and emphasizes their integrity through anonymity. The only thing they want is to push the product forward.

Adnym Atelier delivers products in quality materials and modern shapes that generate attention, stimulate curiosity, reward intelligence and leads to an emotional connection between consumer and brand.

Their constant quest is to elevate the perception of the 5-pocket Jean. They are always looking for the new tomorrow and are inspired by the denim’s rich historical and classical references. They have set themselves on a path to reconnect the urban generation with denim. Beyond the stereotypical approach that conforms to a standardised image.

One will find their way of dressing in their gender neutral collection, as opposed to a way of dressing prescribed by anyone else or by following trends.

Throughout their years at Acne, Hope, Levi’s and Wrangler they still protect and nourish their key elements. A modern mindset with a constant research for fabrics and textures integrated with new shapes for the contemporary individual.

Designed for people with strong integrity and a grounded mind.

adnym atelier denim brand of the year award in sweden